M.E.I. Corporation

Inventory Appraisals

Inventory appraisals on behalf of asset based lenders, company managers, and their advisors have recently taken on increasing significance.  When additional valuation information beyond the scope of cost-based accounting measures is required, M.E.I. Corporation can provide inventory valuation services that fit these needs.

Our inventory questionnaire, when completed by company management, provides us with enough information to provide a fee estimate and fixed pricing proposal, along with much of the additional information we need to provide an inventory valuation.

Our questionnaire includes inquiries regarding:

  • a description of the inventory
  • location, volume, and distribution of the inventory
  • inventory management procedures
  • inventory management system
  • company distribution channels, production methods, industry, market, etc.
  • competitor information
  • general company accounting and specific inventory accounting information

In many instances, our firm can provide preliminary valuation results within five to seven business days of a site visit.  In turn, we also are mindful of the time required for peer review of our work by the engaging organization before release to the ultimate client.

Our inventory appraisal reports are supported by the analytical results of our site visit and company provided information, review of trade/technical press data about the industry/market in question, and blind interviewing of third party industry observers/participants.  Our valuations have been tested via actual liquidation and found to be quite acceptable and accurate.