M.E.I. Corporation

Appraisal Services

Our Appraisal Services include evaluations prepared from our professional observations and experiences, analyzing current sales of like or similar items sold or being offered for sale, and analyzing the pertinent factors that have an impact on their viability and marketability. Our full service appraisal practice reflects our professional staff's experience, knowledge and integrity, along with our unbiased personal and professional opinions and conclusions.

Our diverse client base ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies has relied on M.E.I. Corporation for accurate valuation appraisals of all types of machinery and manufacturing assets – machine tools, metal working/fabrication equipment, plastic and rubber facilities, landscape and construction equipment, rolling stock, textiles, paper and pulp, glass and food processing/distribution, restaurant equipment, chemical processing and pharmaceuticals, transportation, logistics, woodworking, printing, bindery equipment and graphic arts, high tech audio/video, fitness equipment and medical equipment…and the list goes on. No job is too big or too small.

When you need to keep pace with complex changes in the financial and industrial marketplace, M.E.I.’s staff can assist you in selecting the appraisal services you need, and arrange for a smooth execution of the engagement.

Type of Appraisal Reports:

Our "Detailed Report" service provides the most highly documented valuation. Following physical inspection of the assets, we will provide a full evaluation in letter form, with a detailed, itemized valuation schedule of each asset or group of assets. Our detailed reports will often also contain a company narrative and an industry analysis developed from external sources.

Our "Desk-Top" service provides valuation based on information provided to us without physical inspection of the assets. With this product, you can make a collateral or loan structuring decision without investing the additional time required for a physical inspection. We will provide as much detail as possible, based on the information provided to us. We are happy to provide a Desk Top review of one asset or an entire installation.

Our "Walk-Through" service provides the appraiser access to the assets and the opportunity to assess appearance and market appeal. This option should be used as a preliminary tool in determining what further action and evaluation will be required.